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Principal’s Message

An ardent teacher, educator with a flair for original teaching, research and innovation. a good motivator and trainer with high leadership qualities.

As a Principal my vision is to make distinct and unique contribution to each student’s ability to perceive, imagine, create, think, feel, symbolize, communicate, understand and become confident and creative individuals. In my opinion the strengths, weaknesses, intelligence and inclinations of students are different, and it is essential to identify them correctly on time in order to take the right career decision. Many a times, parents are not aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their child and end up taking wrong decisions while choosing a career path. A single wrong decision can ruin the entire career of the student. I would like to suggest that the best way to improve the childs outcomes is to focus on improving the parent’s ability to parent their children, rather than providing educational intervention directed at the child.
I welcome you to Experience it.

Mr. Mirash Kareem.K.A

B.Sc.,M.A., M.Ed Ph.d (pursuing)